Wednesday, September 10, 2008

synaptic revelations

Friday night: "Maybe she's strange because she's not drunk."
this morning:
Me: "Richie, there's some smoke coming out of your mouth from time to time."
He takes the cigarette out of his mouth, blows a smoke and says to me:
"You're crazy."

After a few minutes we were in the elevator on our way back to the classroom. Simmi said he was feeling tired. I tell him:
"Well... you should just go there and pretend you're doing nothing."
"How could I pretend that I'm doing nothing?"
"By doing everything."

Way later:
Cosmin: "And... what's your blackbox going to do?"
Me: "Aaa... we'll put some potatoes in it and in case It won't do what we expect it to do, it will cook the potatoes for us."
This afternoon at the slagter: "Time is outdated."
This is all I remember right now. If Someone out there can tell me more of what I said these days... please! 8-}

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