Monday, January 28, 2008

this one is in Romanian

bă! Am primit al nu știu câtelea mesaj cu link la idioțenia aceea cu poliția animalelor.
1! Nu mai înghițiți toate dejecțiile care se mediatizează sub forma unor idei deosebite!
2! Care prost și-ar omorâ propriul cal în bătaie, când prețul unui cal se învârte în jurul sumei de 2500RON (bani la care mulți țărani visează doar)?! Eu nu am cunoscut încă țărani atât de proștî și nici nu cred că există (iar dacă totuși sunt, ei sunt în număr nesemnificativ). Dacă i-au bătut alții calul, poate liniștit sa apeleze la poliție, nu e nevoie de poliția animalelor.
3! Există însă oameni naivi, a căror viață s-a desfășurat în umbra porstiilor de televiziune zise PRO TV si ACASA care încă par a duce o campanie de imbecilizare a populației și culmea e că au succes. Nu e de mirare că lumea o duce prost in țară. Parcă nu ar exista probleme mai importante decât animalele. Din punctul lor de vedere trebuie acum aruncați bani aiurea pentru a pedepsi pe cei care maltratează animalele. Din punctul meu de vedere, dacă au succes, i-ați ajutat pe niște hoți să vă mai scape de niște bani care puteau altfel să fie investiți în infrastructură, învățământ, în alte nevoi reale sau donati unor case de copii sau bătrâni. Dacă reușiți, cineva are să iși spele bine mâinile în acea afacere, are să scoată și un profit, iar apoi are 2 variante
-renunță și toată lumea constată că a eșuat sau că merge prost în special din cauza mentalității românilor (aspect real de altfel), și se va spune că încă nu a venit timpul pentru așa ceva în România și tot proiectul dispare treptat. Concluzie la care la fel de bine se putea ajunge înainte de a face vreun demers.
-ca și mai sus cu diferența că la urmă se lasă proiectul pe mâna unor entuziaști ce ulterior se vor plânge de lipsa fondurilor și vor face tot ce le stă în putere dar nimănui nu le va păsa de ei, pentru că nu vor mai fi utili nimănui, decât altor entuziaști care vor dona ca oile pentru ceva ce nici ei nu înțeleg cum funcționează, înțeleg doar scopul.

Ca să nu muriți proști: de felul în care se comportă oamenii cu animalele se poate ocupa si Poliția, dar numai dacă se fac niște legi in acest sens, iar poliția animalelor nu va avea nici o autoritate dacă nu vor exista niște legi pe care să le apere, dar cum spuneam, la fel de bine s-ar putea ocupa de aceste cazuri poliția existentă deja, daca ar fi legi, motiv pentru care oricum o privești, "poliția animalelor" e inutilă. Băgați bine la cap! Și nu-mi faceți acum analogii la poliția rutiera, dacă tot nu știți pe ce lume trăiți.

p.s. animalele se bat si se ucid și între ele. Dacă aveți succes cu poliția animalelor va rog să opriți și violența între animale.

some basic REASONS

why I trust TRADITION.
I found these videos while looking for an elder's words. There is more than what I will post here, but who wants to look for more will look for more. I'm embeding here two of the videos, maybe the most relevant due to historical, organisational and dogmatic facts, because those are easyer to understand. Looking for the facts regarding the spiritual aspects is up to whoever wants to find them, they are there.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I met Cain again. A long time ago I was Cain, but then I made him run away from me. He's still running. I met him several times after that, but I think he never realised that he was speaking to me. He's always too concerned with anything that touches him. Always coming and going wearing different faces. His shadow is chasing him. He never raises his head and a part of his shadow covers his eyes, keeping him in the prison of his own thoughts, never seeing the light that comes form outside.
If you ever meet him, and you will... many times, tell him that I heard someone say: "Get busy living or get busy dying!"
clicky: It Would Be

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jauary 25

short day.
As I was waiting for the 835 bus I decided to call Alex to say happy birthday to him. So I did, but while I was talking to him I saw a guy walking around dressed up like a real rocker: black leather coat, black leather boots, black T-Shirt and most important, a pink backpack on his back. I told this to Alex among other many stupid things that I enjoy talking about (he suggested that I should give him a cow as gift for his birthday, I agreed with him but then he didn't want it anymore so I told him that I would look for a nail or a leg from a cow or something like that)... and just as if this wasn't enough, after I got out of the bus in Tommerup two guys were riding a scooter. Both were having beers in their left hands, but the one in the back had in his right hand a plastic bottle with a liquid inside (maybe gasoline) connected, through a pipe, to the scooter.

and a memory:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bună Ana!

Thank you! Hope you're fine too. Some days ago I was looking at some of my pictures on hi5 and I found this video posted as a comment to one of the photos.
One more thing: I ENABLED the ANONYMOUS COMMENTS :D . I didn't see that they were disabled until someone told me... today.

Noir Désir - Le Vent Nous Portera

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beautiful Day

spring again, but only in my mind.
one more Royksopp video

and a pixar audition :D

Sunday, January 13, 2008

couch potato

I think that I'm becoming a couch potato. I waste all my free time in front of the laptop now that I got back to Odense. It's the best way to keep in touch with my friends... using yahoo messenger... maybe I'll just use Skype from now on. When I was in Romania I was blaming others for being couch potatoes. By that time you could hardly find me at home... but now I know how it's like.
I think that you have noticed those links on the right of this page... now you see two more. Someone said that if you get into my mind you cand hardly find a way out of it... so I thought it would be funny to make two links for geting out of it. The first one is EXIT and the second one is EMERGENCY EXIT. You may try them if you want to. You can find them on all my pages except for the page where I draw my life maps and the plans for the demolition of my unwanted feelings... strange... I nevere needed to write a plan for building any feelings inside of me, evendough sometimes I build them, but sometimes they just come to me. Maybe others build the most of our feelings and we build the most of others feelings.
My player just started to play the song 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins. It sounds beautiful. Here's the song .

The last stupid thing I said is: "My mind's got a mind of it's own". Since then, nothing was so impressive.

I told you in my last blog that I would write about some movies... Well, I'm not realy in the mood for that but since you might be wondering here it goes:

One of the best movies I've seen so far is Behind The Sun (released in 2001) directed by Walter Salles. The movie is based on Ismail Kadare's novel "Broken April" (I didn't read the book). It's a drama that focuses on the consequences of revenge versus the sacrifice for love. Two families are fighting for land under the rules of what is known to be a blood feud. The story is seen through the eyes of Pacu, the younger boy of one of the families.
I've cut the first scene and uploaded it on youtube for you to see it. Here it is (stop the radio in the top right side of the page before pressing play)

I hope that this is enough to make you want to watch it.

Another funny messenger discussion now:

me: I don't remember which messenger photo was the one that you said it was interesting,but look, I have only interesting pictures
her: :P
her: listen
me: yes
her: would you wash my car? I mean taking it to the car wash
me: hard question
me: does it have a double meaning?
her: yes
me: ok then
her: is there one that you prefer?
me: wait a second. What are we talking here?
her: when are you going to wash it?
me: yesterday
me: 8-}
me: If ther was only the first question then I would understad something like: "get lost and leave me alone!" ...but... ?!
her: oops
her: sorry
her: sorry
her: sorry
her: I thought that I was talking to my brother
her: alex
her: only now I have seen
her: taht 'J'
her: God!
her: :">
her: I'm sorry
me: no problem
her: he's prepairing for the exames, and I know that sometimes he's having some breaks
me: aha, and you give him things to do on his breaks...
her: ooh.. I'm so sorry
me: I'm not mad at you
me: and this thing about sending him to take your car to the car wash is funny... it's like: "Hey boys, while you're resting, move those bricks away!" ***\\-..-//***
her: well, if I sent him to do the shoppings anyway..
her: :P
me: shoppings too?! wow, and does he rest only when he's sleeping?
her: he doesn't sleep much lately
her: I'm kidding
her: he's nice and we help each other
her: with many things
***\\-.. -//*** "Hey boys, while you're resting, move those bricks away!" this is part of another story that a friend told me about one of his mates.

Monday, January 7, 2008

movies again

I'm back in Odense. A little emptiness is what I started to feel since I left Oradea. My friends are there! My childhood is there. Well, this will pass. If it won't then I'm going to have to make it wouldn't be the first time :D, but it makes me tired.
Now let's get to the point: I've seen Requiem For A Dream (Darren Aronofsky) yesterday. It deals with addictions. I know... some might say "already an old but great movie, everybody knows it",but I haven't seen it until yesterday evening. I had it before, but never gave it much attention(didn't press play) evendough the title sounds so interesting.
It's not a beautiful movie. Not at all... or not realy... , but it's strong and shocking with a good moral and I like that. It has no happy ending. It showed me a perspecive on mind depravation causes that I've never thought of before. By the way, one more thing that I like about this movie is the fact that it promotes the idea that whatever your goals are, it very much matters what you do in order to achieve them.
The music is great, and the effects also, but I think that you already know that.
Now Jennifer Connelly is on my wallpaper (so beautiful at 37! wonder...)I'm a little tired now. There are some other movies that I'd like to talk about now, but I'll live them for the next times... there is one that I will strongly recommend you to watch if you didn't. You'll see!