Friday, December 28, 2007


I wrote this earlier:

Today is Christmass (25th of December)! It's about 1:04 AM here (Nuseni, a small vilage in Romania). I still have all my cloks (phone, iPod and laptop) set to the Copenhagen time. That was 12:05... and... somehow I find it funny. I've been in Romania for an entire week now. I'm listening to a nice movie soundtrack song. I don't know who's singing it. I just finished watching the movie.
The movie (it's very violent, I tell you now)... this is what I've been writing the introduction for. It just ain't any kind of movie. It was dirrected by Martin Scorsese. Why is it entitled "The Departed"? I couldn't build a straight answer to that question. Maybe I would look for one on Google when I get to Oradea or if I remember next time I access to the INTERNET. It's a movie that doesn't build much emotion. It just lets you sit in your spectator chair and see everything except for the characters thoughts. A part of those thoughts, but mostly the feelings are expressed in the shrink sequences. You can see the pressure in there minds in the way they interact, the way the characters play roles(not the actors... a thing that I find great... you don't very much get to see the actors, you see the characters( :D now Johnny Bravo would say: "Enough about you, let's talk about me")... at least that is what happened to me). I think that evendough it is a cop movie it's more of a tragedy. In the end everybody who had anything to do with the case dies. Those who remain are the ones ho had no implication. I think that the scenario was very well built... calculated. It's not like other so called "good movies" that skip some relevant information or mix it up just to puzzle you (it's a stupid confuzion that some dirrectors take advantage of in todays movies, what I'm saying is that it isn't the case here). You'll see situations, facts, behaviors, reactions, all put togeder in a realistic and defined shape. Oh yeah... "big words". Well, I may say those are big atributes but not cheap words. Realistic? If you watch the movie you'll see it for yourself... everything is a "cause and effect" chain. Deffined shape? Every situation and every character is displayed rough and raw, nothing is given more or less importance than your eyes require. Nothing dissipates. Everything becomes a solid mass in the end(I don't mean corpse :D). You's like a chess game. The more you play it with somebody, the more you get to know your opponent and you would be a big fool if you don't realise that he also gets to know you. In another way: in the begining everything has an order for those who know nothing of what is going on on the table. After they get inside they have their own games against the others who were driven in the game and they start to learn the big game(the one in which they were all pushed), but unfortunately, when they get to know their pattern they die... because... you don't sacrifice a chess piece unless you make a good plan to back that sacrifice and you push new characters into the action... and a pawn can become a queen... now that I worte this I just remembered that the name of the captain who was leading the investigation was Queenan... so... I think that those/the one who wrote the scenario were/was thinking about chess (Could Mister Castello be a rock? now it becomes kind of obvious).The music... it comes in to bring life into some moments... some key moments or just put sugar in the chaos. Yes, chaos. Usualy problems are more difficult when you take action in order to solve them than before you do... I know that I told you something that you knew(this one goes to those who are smarter). Just forget it! Watch the movie!
When this will be posted it won't be Christmass anymore so: Happy new year!


It's been some time since I wrote about that movie... :D since then I've been to some places :D (Bistrita, then snowboarding in Borsa and now again Bistrita. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...)

Friday, December 14, 2007

eyes cracked... for a dual boot configuration

7 hours of tests and quests. If you ever want to make a dual boot configuration avoid doing what I did as much as possible... that is installing Windows XP after Windows Vista was installed. It might be better to install first the XP and Vista after. I didn't try that.
After I installed XP my computer couldn't boot Vista anymore. After I got Vista back to life the XP was dead.
Anyway if you ever do my mistake(which wasn't realy a mistake because I bought my laptop with Vista... but now I want to be able to use an application that requires XP) here is a solution:
Open a command prompt and write these commands there (but before you write them put your Vista DVD in):
E:\boot\Bootsect.exe /NT60 All <--- E is the DVD drive from my laptop, you should replace it with yours if it ain't the same

C:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d "WINDOWS XP" <--- C is the drive where my Vista was installed. Replace it with yours. You can write whatever you want instead of WINDOWS XP

C:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=D: <------D is the drive where my Windows XP was installed. Replace it with yours.

C:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit /set {ntldr} path \ntldr
C:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlast

Now, the source where I found this solution said that it shoul work after this. If both OS work then you don't have to read further. In my case one didn't work. I don't know what happened. When I restarted the computer I was able to chose and load Vista. I restarted again to check on XP. I chose an"earlier version of windows" and got an error concearning NTLDR . It said that the file was missing or corrupt, and I couldn't load XP anymore. Later I found the solution to this:
In Windows Vista run the command prompt as an administrator.
bcdedit /enum active
and press Enter. You should see "Windows Legacy OS Loader" somewhere at the end of the lyst
there's an identifier called {ntldr} ... it's the one taht you've been working with earlier. Now under the identifier is the device... if what is written next to the device (on the same line cause it is more like a property) is anything else but "boot" then you should make it "boot". You do that like this:
bcdedit /set {ntldr} device boot

you should check if everything is the way you want it by writing again the command
bcdedit /enum active

now you should be able to run both OS... if you're not... sorry... that's all I know;
else, you're welcome!

one of the best jokes

-Why can't a programmer tell the difference between Halloween and Christmas?
-Because OCT31 = DEC25.

For those who don't know: OCT stands for the octal numeration system and DEC is the decimal numeration system.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi everybody!

I didn't show up around here for some days, but it's better than not posting anything for months, isn't it? May - October= my dark age of blogging. I have an excuse: I had no problems. Now I got one. I'm sick... to be more acurate: I'm homesick. That's just because the 16th of December is so close that I can't wait to see myself at home.
Now, what I've been doing these days wasn't much different from what I do everyday (go to work, go for walks, listen to music, read and so on...) but two days ago I remembered something. In December, last year, I was listening for the first time to Fabrizio de Andre. His name might have already told you that he's an Italian. Actualy he was (he passed away in '99). He was a songwriter and a singer. The first song that I've listened to, sang by him was Don Raffae (while watching a video from a wedding). I asked a friend: "Who's singing this song?", and he said: "Oh, it's Fabrizio de Andre.". I went looking for any songs that I could find attached to his name. And I found a few songs.
Here is a video of a live performance (song:Don Raffae) ...
Stop the radio at the right top of the page before you press play!

On my iPod I have another performance that sounds a little more alive.
What I did when I remembered this artist was to ask my sister to send me the songs that I had in Romania and so she did.
The joy taht I felt when I heard "Geordie" again, after almost an year... I have no words for it. Just listen:

The next one might make you want to dance/jump or something: Volta la carta

The lyrics of the next song are great! If you speak Italian you might like the song very much: Preghiera in gennaio

Now if that might be the case, I don't want to bore you so I'll just give you some links to other songs just in case you like the ones you've listened to:
Il sogno di Maria:
La canzone di Marinella:
La ballata dell'amore cieco:

I could give you more, but I think that if you like these songs you will look for more without my help.
Have a Great day!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Till Dawn

Last night I had a long messenger chat with Raluca. I don't exacly remember what was the time when I turned on my laptop, but we've been talking and "sharing" youtube until about 3:00 AM (that was 4:00 AM for her because she's in Romania). Among other things she showed me, there was this band that I started to like. It's name is Royksopp. I don't know what it comes from, but their music is great, even as simple as it appears to be. When I was a kid, I've seen one of their videos on the French tv channel MCM, but I didn't pay much attention to it because I found it a little bit dull at that time. I was still listening to it anyway because of it's calm feeling. The title is Poor Leno. You'll find it here:
The folowing ones are some that I realy enjoy listening to. It's a great feeling. It's like a spring's end morning... or an early summer morning. Take it as you like 8-} .
Before you press play, you might want to stop the radio in the right top of the page. It won't stop by itself.

It's clear that the guys who made the videos are very openminded and they carry great and heavy plastic bags full of imagination in their heads.

By the way :D, today I've been doing some shoppings and when I was on my way home I've seen an old man who had a hat on his head. On the hat there was a skull printed. Under the skull it was written: "Skull inside". I realy think that old people can be more childish than youngsters (maybe because youngsters like to be regarded as mature guys/girls).

Now, back to our night chat! I showed her a flash animation, it wasn't too much of a great work(who am I to judge that?!)but the message was realy emotional : (it's got no connection to the war vehicle you see in the begining which is just a logo) and then she showed me some more others, but not flash(i'll put links to them at the end of this post) and we've been talking like this until we said "good morning!" and I went to bed... don't know if she did the same.
here are the links that I was talking about: "Howl's Moving Castle" it seems to be a great fantastic story... good music "Les Triplettes de Belleville" nice it seems to be an Oscar winner not much I can say, just watch it
aaaand this: kind of a subtile reality.

Friday, November 16, 2007


eu: -Ma, astia canta in daneza?
Istvan: -Da.
eu: -Atunci putem considera vocea ca fiind parte instrumentala.

Friday, November 9, 2007

miroase a casa

Mi-am cumparat biletul de avion pentru data de 16 decembrie. Va fi un zbor de noapte. Voi vedea de sus luminile din Budapesta (inca nu le-am vazut nici de jos), cum spune bunicul "de-om trai", ca e mult pana atunci... Ceea ce am spus acum mi-a amintit de piesa Around The Sun R.E.M. Deja fac AMR-ul. Cred ca imediat dupa ce ajung in Oradea voi pleca in sat.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hai ca tot nu am postat nimic de mult timp pe aici. Sa scriu si eu ce am mai vazut/patit. La sfarsitul lunii iulie am fost pe acasa. Am pornit intr-o seara de vineri. Totul a fost bine pe autostrazile Europei noastre mari si frumoase, mai putin in Polonia. Era dimineata cand am ajuns la granita dintre Germania si Polonia... atmosfera foarte linistita in masina pana atunci(si somnorosi toti 3 (stiu ca nu am spus care 3)). Trecem de granita: shock. Un drum de cel putin 70Km fara asfalt pe el, facut doar din placi de beton. La 70Km/h "tremuram" in masina ca si intr-un tractor pe camp. Trecem de aceasta portiune, mai mergem cateva ore, timp in care am vazut niste poduri destul de interesante dar cam multe semanau intre ele. Suntem opriti si ni se face semn sa ocolim pentru ca autostrada era blocata. Iesim de pe autostrada. Nicaieri nu era marcat nici un traseu de ocolire, dar "noroc" am avut cu sistemul de navigatie, care ne-a dus incet si sigur pana nicaieri. Drumul s-a tot ingustat dupa aceea drumul nu mai era asfaltat, era drum de caruta, iar intr-un final am ajuns pe un frumos teren cu un parau in fata si o padure dupa. Iarba cat mine de mare si drum nicaieri, dar pe ecran era totusi drum drept inainte, asa ca ne-am intors cu greu si am gasit tot cu ajutorul acestui sistem de navigatie drumul spre autostrada. Ma gandesc acum daca nu cumva acel drum exista si in acte nu doar in harta digitala. Poate ca o fi furat cineva drumul... sau de la prea multa bere au uitat sa-l mai construiasca.
Am mai trecut apoi prin Slovacia, Cehia, Ungaria si am ajuns si noi acasa duminica dupa 10 PM. Ziua urmatoare, la 6 dimineata aveam tren spre Beclean. Ma trezesc cu ochii umflati de oboseala(eu nu am cearcani evidente decat daca imi e fata uda) si plec la gara. Cu niste lei pe care ii mai aveam la mine de cand am plecat din Romania imi cumpar biletul, un Pepsi si nu mai stiu ce mancare. Ajung in Beclean (dupa o calatorie cu discutii binevenite, tipice trenurilor noastre), cobor, iar primul meu gand: sa merg sa schimb niste bani. Prima banca la care ajung: BRD. Coada mare(inainte am coborat si in Cluj cu acelasi scop, dar am intalnit aceeasi situatie), ma grabeam deoarece trebuia sa ajung la inmormantare(stiu ca nu v-am spus a cui) asa ca am iesit. Casa de schimb valutar... nimic altceva in afara de dolari, euro si forinti. La BCR era o atmosfera mai placuta. Imi schimba doamnele de acolo banii dupa ce afla ca sunt coroane daneze. Il sun pe Florin (stiu ca nu v-am spus care :D ) sa vina dupa mine pt ca am terminat. Vine si plecam la Ocnita. Preotul asteptase cam mult pana am ajuns si noi. M-am intalnit cu parintii dupa care a inceput slujba.
Eu cu bunicul din Ocnita (din partea mamei) ne-am vazut doar de 2 ori. Acum, la a treia intalnire il vedeam doar eu cu ochii. A fost cantor la biserica din sat. Cand ne-am intalnit prima data m-a dus la biserica din Ocnita. Aveam 12 ani. Cand ne-am intalnit a doua oara am mers cu dumnealui la biserica din Oradea unde obisnuiam sa merg eu.
In noaptea de dupa inmormantare am dormit la Bistrita, iar in ziua urmatoare am mers cu surioara mea Ioana la bunicii din Nuseni unde am stat pana a doua zi. Nuseniul e satul in care mi-am petrecut cea mai mare parte a copilariei. Sunt superbe dealurile de acolo... si oamenii, gandul acelui sat, amintirea oamenilor... amintirea privirilor senine, libere, amintirea libertatii proprii, sentimentul de casa... Dealul din spatele casei unde stateam si priveam apusurile, unde mi-au venit in minte versurile primei poezii, unde stateam si citeam candva "Avatarii faraonului Tla"... unde avea bunicul via. Acolo era si nucul in care obisnuiam sa ne cataram cand eram mici, merii si prunii. Acolo erau amintirile zilelor de munca la camp. Acolo erau serile linistite in care batranii ieseau "in povesti" pe bancile de pe marginea drumuli, asteptand cireada de vite. Tei... miros de tei si adieri linistite dupa zile de munca. Amintirea clipei e intotdeauna mai pretuita decat clipa.
Am mers apoi pana la manastirea Nicula, motive personale. Am pornit apoi spre Oradea. Am facut o oprire de cateva ore in Cluj doar pentru ca imi place sa ma plimb prin Cluj.
In zilele ce au urmat m-am odihnit si m-am intalnit cu prietenii. In weekend am plecat in Cheile Turzii la catarat. Au fost trasee destul de dificile comparativ cu cele din Suncuius pentru aceleasi notatii, dar, oricum, cu cat e mai dificil un traseu cu atat e satisfactia mai mare cand ajungi in varf. Ar fi urmat apoi sa mergem la festivalul de la Sighisoara, dar in drum spre Sighisoara ni s-a rupt cablul de la pedala d ambreaj. Partea neobisnuita: am facut 230 Km(pana in Oradea), iar Istvan schimba vitezele fara sa mai foloseasca ambreajul(daca cineva crede ca numai la Dacia se pote... se inseala, si la Citroen Xantia se poate daca ii gasesti in fiecare viteza turatiile la care se poate)... treaba destul de grea, dar bine ca era noapte si nu am incurcat traficul. Saptamana urmatoare: plimbari, plimbari, pizza, plimbari... si la urma back to Denmark. Mi-au pierdut cei de la aeroportul din Budapesta bagajul si mi l-au trimis dupa aproape o luna. Imi lipsea MP3 playerul din el, dar mi-am cumparat iPod.
In rest, de atunci: munca si pierdere de vreme.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


cand sunt racit reactionez foarte inefcient la unele lucruri... ce tin in special de gandire... pierd cuvinte, anticipez lent replcile si posibilele reactii ale celor cu care vorbesc... parca as fi beat... tocmai mi-am amintit cum eram cand consumam alcool... e totusi o diferenta... Numai atunci vorbeam coerent fara pauze sesizable intre fraze, gandul mergea dupa un singur fir... totul curgea, nu erau artificii, reactii in lant... oricum dezavantajul era mare, aveam impresia ca devin mai prost... "aveam impresia" ...vorbesc prostii, era evident ca in loc sa ma descurc ma incurcam. Whatever... ce scriu acum sunt doar ganduri intr-un hazard... declansat de prima fraza din acest text. Motivul pentru care priveam in fiecare zi cerul era: asteptam sa vad daca mai sunt acolo sau s-a renuntat la mine... Am fortat astazi un raspuns foarte simplu... si aparent timpul a cam fost de partea mea in a obtine raspunsul. Poate ca ma insel, dar am impresia ca sunt mintit... asa ca eu aleg sa ma intorc in alt sens, poate ca asta se astepta de la mine, dar privind lucrurile intr-un anume fel nu ma deranjeaza. Analogia va fi inteleasa peste scurt timp de catre cine trebuie. Acesta era scopul blogului de astazi.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

sa razi

asta-i o poza de pe, cu comentariul : "Your movie sucked!" =)) =))

Alta chestie. Eu cu un coleg (si el cell leader) stateam la un Pepsi in vestiar. Ne-am terminat treaba mai repede. Apare supervisoru. Il intreaba pe coleg ceva... nu are rost sa spun ce. Ii spun eu: "Pai NCM-urile se predau la sfarsitul schimbului". Sefu': "Da' ce, acuma nu-i sfarsitul schimbului?" . Eu: "Peste-o ora jumate." Colegul: "Lasa D. ca vorbim maine!" (cand va fi evident daca s-au predat sau nu) apare alt coleg (tot cell leader): "Ce faci sefu'? Pleci acasa?" (impresie lasata de "vorbim maine")... sec, pe fatza! ca un bolovan. Sefu:"Nu. Ma duc sa ma ca*." cu un ton si mai sec. Altu'...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Astăzi am dus un frigider vechi la un centru de colectare pentru fer vechi. L-am chemat pe Alex să mă ajute... Am coborât frigiderul de la etajul 4 pe scări (i-am spus lui Alex:"eu l-aş împinge să se rostogolească... dar mi-e gândul la vecini... ar suna cam tare...") şi am chemat un taxi când am ajuns afară. A venit o Dacia papuc... Până aici totul a fost Ok. În timp ce stăteam în maşină mi-am imaginat pentru câteva secunde cum ar fi fost dacă ochelarii mei ar fi avut ştergătoare (ca şi parbrizul). La destinaţie tariful: 20 RON... pe frigider am primit 8RON... ce bună afacere! Trebuia totuşi să scăpăm de el pentru că ocupa prea mult loc în casă. Mama de o lună m-a tot bătut la cap să fac ceva cu el. În tot acest timp mă gândeam uneori: "ce bine ar fi dacă ar exista în Oradea un centru de colectare pentru aparate electrice şi electrocasnice..." Nu cu mult timp în urmă am aruncat un monitor într-un container pentru gunoi. În ziua următoare era împraştiat pe vreo 8 metrii patraţi în faţa scării. Am vrut totuşi să fac un lucru bun... dar dă-o-ncolo de treabă... aici se descurajează o asemenea atitudine. Trebuie să şi dai bani... nu doar frigiderul (by the way, funcţiona până oamenii aceia vânjoşi de la fer vechi au început să tragă de el în toate părţile(nu l-aş fi vândut nimănui pentru că făcea exces în consumul de alco.... ăă... dro...ă... scuze... curent(era din vremea defunctului moş Neonicolae)))...

Monday, May 21, 2007


Astăzi am constatat că dacă aduni pe o suprafaţă delimitată de un contur închis mai mulţi oameni a căror trăsătură comună este prostia, considerând prostia iniţială ca fiind o constantă P şi inteligenţa iniţială o constantă Z, pe măsură ce numarul indivizior aflaţi pe acea suprafaţă creşte şi valoarea momentană a prostiei creşte semnificativ în timp ce inteligenţa există dar în formă aproape constantă (adică fără consum sau cu transfer minim de energie (cu alte cuvinte: nu se manifestă semnificativ sub nici o formă astfel încât să producă o modificare evidentă de stare a ansamblului)).
Fie X numărul corpurilor a căror valoare ţianică este P (unitatea de măsură pentru prostie este 1 Ţian = 1000 mŢieni (adică miliŢieni)) şi f ecuaţia ce descrie starea sistemului.
f= X*P+ Z/X.
f poate fi scrisă sub formă de număr complex pentru o separare mai clară a valorilor finale.
Partea reală caracterizează prostia sitemului în timp ce partea imaginară caracterizează inteligenţa sitemului.

Evident, conform acestei ecuaţii, valoarea ţianică a sistemului creşte direct proporţional cu numărul corpurilor, în timp ce valoarea inteligenţei sistemului se va modifica invers proporţional cu numărul corpurilor.

În concluzie, Domi avea dreptate când spunea (dacă îşi mai aminteşte): "Prostia se aude de departe..."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

another mess

Încercând să jucăm şah pe ya**o messenger:

el: sal
el: mit mai lucrezi?
eu: salut
eu: citesc
el: wow
el: ce?
eu: am dat peste niste chestii de Kabbala... niste "cursuri" ale unui rabin

Mai târziu încercând să jucăm şah pe ya**o messenger:

el : noah
el : nu apare
eu : la mine nu
el: nici la mine
eu: era afirmatzie
eu: poate serveru-i bushit
eu: bushit vine de la bush
el: cool
eu: beshina o fi ceva derivat
el: coolshit
eu: beshit
eu: nici asta
el: netul wireless ii fu...t
el: eu is pe wireless amu
eu: poi nici la mine nu apare
el: ....
el: cacat de bou
eu: balega de Phoenix
el: rahat de cioara
eu: la asta me refeream si eu, dar metaforic
el: si eu
el: cioara ii metafora la romm
el: care ii denumirea stiintifica la tzigani
eu: deci de la romm la pheonix pe traiectorie involutiva e cioara
el: bai eu apar cu iddle?
eu: da
el: super
eu: si eu apaream asa candva
eu: ti-am zis
eu: cred ca-i bushit serverul
el: o scris sora-mea cand vin sa ii dau buzz
el: la statusul ei
eu: ba
eu: evreii cred in reincarnare
el: bine fac
el: bravo lor
el: oare hitler stia?
eu: nu cred
eu: daca stia nu-i omora ca isi dadea seama ca nu are rost
el: balega de phoenix
eu: flacari de balaur
el: ai dat foc la besina?
eu: nu... phoenix e o prostie... un balaur a suflat odata flacari pe nas si din greseala i-a iesit sub forma de pasare... si egiptenii de prosti ce erau au crezut ca-i pasare
el: ba nu .. ca pasarea s-o besit si or crezut ca-i balaur
eu: numa daca se caca
el: apoi o stropit un pic
eu: s-o besit cu stropi
el: =))
el: pe o soparla
eu: coor!
eu: :))
el: sunt
eu: asa... dialogul asta ata de creativ trebuie salvat... pentru a servi ca obiect de amuzament
el: :D
el: damn it ... still not working
eu: it's working... but not as it should be
el: cred ca ma pun pe orizontala
eu: inginereste vorbind
eu: si capul pe plan inclinat?
el: nu
eu: sau nu
el: dorm fara perina
eu: replica ce mai buna la "cred ca ma pun pe orizontala"
eu: ar fi
el: ???
el: dar ii fain alanis .. la boombox
eu: "fie tie dupa credinta ta"
el: asa ca mai stau
el: api stii ce zic doi ardeleni cand vad o broasca testoasa?
eu: ceva de Alanis?
eu: un ninja?
eu: ce zic ma?
el: ca..."asta ori ii ceva ori mere undeva"
eu: =))
eu: am auzit replica olteneasca la "De ce nu mananca oltenii castraveti murati?"
el: dc?
eu: ca nu le incape capul in borcan
eu: dar replica lor e: "si ardelenii mananca pt ca le incape?"
el: aha
el: a
el: noah mai vb ca numa ma streseaza si netu asta
el: bye
eu: salut

la agatzat

Am agăţat într-o zi o fată frumoasă cu ghidonul de la bicicleta (nu era bicicleta mea şi nu eram obişnuit cu frânele). M-a întrebat dacă sunt prost (poate că mă testa 8-} ) ... Eu i-am răspuns că nu. Apoi m-a întrebat dacă nu văd. Dar nu i-am mai răspuns... devenise prea agitată şi nu-mi plac fetele agitate. Am saluta-o şi am plecat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ăsta nu-i interesant... încearcă data următoare

Am ajuns şi eu de 2 ore acasă de la lucru. E doar 7:47 AM şi ar trebui să mă pun să dorm... aşa că am să dau ascultare trebuinţei

Sunday, May 13, 2007

da... blog

M-am trezit si eu la 02:30 noaptea. Am visat ca cineva ma tot batea pe umar si imi spunea: "Ba! Trezeste-te si fa-ti un blog! Daca vrei sa fi respectabil pe INTERNIET nu-i destul sa ai profil pe haicinci si pe spatiulmeu"... asa ca mi-am spus: "Buna idee!"... (buna Ana!) nu stiu de ce e buna, nici nu-mi pun problema. So... this is a blog... should I translate it? I woke up at 02:30 AM. In my dream someone was hitting me on my shoulder insistantly with his finger saying: "Hey punk! Wake up and create a blog of your own! If you want to be respected on the INTERNOTHING having a profile on hifive and another one on myspace isn't enough!"... so I said to myself: "Good idea!"... I don't realy know why the idea is good, but I don't bother with that.