Monday, February 18, 2008


Sunt străin.
Ploaia n-a mai plâns
de ani de zile peste dealuri.
Cădea cu stropi răsunători,
dar nu plângea.
Dealurile râdeau
și o sorbeau cu veselie,
asemenea unor copii.
Aveau un suflet
pentru noi.

Avea mâini calde
și mă ținea de mână.
Sub acel cer era o pace
când Soarele se arăta,
iar frunzele foșneau firave
și iarba-n vânt se legăna.

Stai... și mai viseaz-o vreme!
E tot ce ți-a rămas in gând.
Prin sita ce acum se-așterne
Să nu pierzi vremurile-n vânt!

Scriu... pentru că nu e nimeni să audă. Dacă aș vorbi s-ar întrista mai mult cei care sunt deja triști. Aș striga cuvinte, aș spune cuvinte... și nici sutele de mii de cuvinte ale oamenilor nu sunt destule pentru viața unui om care a plecat. Nu a unui om oarecare, ci a unui om simplu care mi-a vorbit despre omenie. Un om pe lângă care am crescut. Pentru mine toate acele locuri vor fi altfel fără dumnealui, dar imi vor aminti de bunicul - Jucan Grigore.

Dumnezeu să-l odihnească și să-l pomenească în împărăția Sa!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


this feeling

and by the way:


I've cut and uploaded on youtube this scene from Nostalghia by Andrei Tarkovski. I did it about an year ago. I just remembered about it. I think of Noatalghia as a "must see"... Actually that's what I think about all of Tarkovski's movies.

Look for the rest of the movie!

Monday, February 11, 2008

been to a club

A cool club in Odense: Retro. Last Saturday night I've been there for the second time. I played table football for more than an hour with some friends. When I've been there for the first time they had darts too, but I haven't seen the targets this time. The music was good downstairs... oldies. Upstairs they play what's best known today, so I didn't realy hurry to get under the disco ball.

I went anyway upstairs. The place was filled with people dancig, talking, sitting at the bar. If you know me you've guessed already what I chose tot do. Took a Pepsi and sat. Finished the Pepsi. Went to the toilet. Came back, took a Pepsi. No more free seats. While staying there like a wood plank someone grabbed my arm. I turned around: a cute, nice, pretty, sexy and... so on, blonde girl with long hair and blue eyes (of course most of them are like that in these parts of the world when referring to the last three characteristics). While she was still holding my arm she approached her face to my ear and said something in Danish. I said "...sorry?". She repeated what she said. I asked her if she could speak english. She turned to another girl (didn't get a visual on the second one 8-} ) , said something to her and then turned back to me saying: "No, no!" and waving her hands in some kind of refusing way mixed with a kind of "excuse me!". I said "Ok", and turned back.
After some minutes I was thinking that I could have been surprised, or at least look like being so, but I wasn't. I was just thinking: "Nice girl! If I just knew some Danish...", cause you think about it for some time after a girl like that one tells you something that you don't understand.
Whatever. I just told you a pointless story.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the warmth of winter

This song was on the soundtrack of The Good Thief. A soft movie. After the New Years Day 2005-2006, somewhere in a village(Poienii de Jos), watching it with my friends (some of them).
Good old days! Some of our parties were actualy more like meetings... with music, discussions and sometime movies.
I mixed these images some days later:
Only Me

and I got a little bit sick after I finished . Watching all those spinning repeating images in fullscreen while making the mix was kind of dumb.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

things chance

In the following months I will have more work than I had until now. 108 Km/day just to go to work and come back. My blog may take long breaks.