Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Splitter v.1


Read your e-books on your iPod nano!
This is the first software version that I've made for this purpose. It's for free!
All of those who tried to copy e-books to the Notes folder on their iPods know what the problems are with that. The iPod will not display more than 4KB of data from the TXT files that you put in the Notes folder and it will display ONLY TXT files! Yesterday and today I was working on an application that splits any text file into files smaller than 4KB and puts them all in a folder named after the original name of the text file that was split. After splitting the file that you choose, you can simply copy the newly created folder with the files in it to the Notes folder on your iPod nano and read them at any time you want. The resulting files names are prefixed by numbers. This is a minimum that could be done for not loosing track of where you last got with the reading.
If the file that you want to convert is a PDF, DOC, RTF or DOCX you will not be able to cast this program on it. The way around is to use a word processor and save the file as an MS-DOS text file and split it afterwords with Book Splitter.
If the language(example: Romanian, Hungarian) of the book has special characters, then you'll have to replace those to the standard ASCII characters. An idea to do that would be by opening the file in a Word editor like WordPad and go to the Edit menu, click Replace and you can figure out the rest. Save the file as a TXT and split it with Book Splitter.
I hope that I will have the time in the future to make a newer and better version of this program so it could handle by itself the conversions from PDF, DOC, RTF and DOCX into TXT.
After splitting the file, copy the resulting folder into the Notes folder on your iPod and enjoy your reading!

requirements: have Java Runtime Environment installed

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