Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi everybody!

I didn't show up around here for some days, but it's better than not posting anything for months, isn't it? May - October= my dark age of blogging. I have an excuse: I had no problems. Now I got one. I'm sick... to be more acurate: I'm homesick. That's just because the 16th of December is so close that I can't wait to see myself at home.
Now, what I've been doing these days wasn't much different from what I do everyday (go to work, go for walks, listen to music, read and so on...) but two days ago I remembered something. In December, last year, I was listening for the first time to Fabrizio de Andre. His name might have already told you that he's an Italian. Actualy he was (he passed away in '99). He was a songwriter and a singer. The first song that I've listened to, sang by him was Don Raffae (while watching a video from a wedding). I asked a friend: "Who's singing this song?", and he said: "Oh, it's Fabrizio de Andre.". I went looking for any songs that I could find attached to his name. And I found a few songs.
Here is a video of a live performance (song:Don Raffae) ...
Stop the radio at the right top of the page before you press play!

On my iPod I have another performance that sounds a little more alive.
What I did when I remembered this artist was to ask my sister to send me the songs that I had in Romania and so she did.
The joy taht I felt when I heard "Geordie" again, after almost an year... I have no words for it. Just listen:

The next one might make you want to dance/jump or something: Volta la carta

The lyrics of the next song are great! If you speak Italian you might like the song very much: Preghiera in gennaio

Now if that might be the case, I don't want to bore you so I'll just give you some links to other songs just in case you like the ones you've listened to:
Il sogno di Maria:
La canzone di Marinella:
La ballata dell'amore cieco:

I could give you more, but I think that if you like these songs you will look for more without my help.
Have a Great day!


Laura said...

mie imi placeau versurile cu 'am fost la bunicu' sa-i cer actele pe casa' si cu 'iubesc pe altu' cu un tractor'.nici io nu stiu titlurile :D
versurile nu erau de umplutura..erau scrise din toata inima pt un prieten

Laura said...

"Nu stiu altii cum sunt, dar eu, cand ma gandesc la locul nasterii mele, la casa parinteasca.."
Ce-ti pasa?
Esti acasa.:)

Alex said...