Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring and autumn

The two seasons of my memories. The seasons during which nature has the most wonderful varieties of colors.
Spring ... green, yellow and all those flowers... contrasts of colors and enchanting perfumes.
Long walks in the nature and joy around our smyles. Memories of my childhood, memories of the wind bending the grass, slowly floating through the leaves and breathing softly on my skin, memories with rain, memories of the returning sunshine. All of these come to my mind as they return in my life (except for the childhood of course :D ). Only a few hours left there are ,until the day that they call my birthday. I don't want any "Happy birthday!" from anyone. It's just a day and I'm a stranger. To me it doesn't mean anything more than a tag. I was born in 1985, since then, never again. I'll be just fine with a "Hi!", a smyle and perhaps a friendly joke.

Autumn... the time to talk about it will come.

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