Monday, January 7, 2008

movies again

I'm back in Odense. A little emptiness is what I started to feel since I left Oradea. My friends are there! My childhood is there. Well, this will pass. If it won't then I'm going to have to make it wouldn't be the first time :D, but it makes me tired.
Now let's get to the point: I've seen Requiem For A Dream (Darren Aronofsky) yesterday. It deals with addictions. I know... some might say "already an old but great movie, everybody knows it",but I haven't seen it until yesterday evening. I had it before, but never gave it much attention(didn't press play) evendough the title sounds so interesting.
It's not a beautiful movie. Not at all... or not realy... , but it's strong and shocking with a good moral and I like that. It has no happy ending. It showed me a perspecive on mind depravation causes that I've never thought of before. By the way, one more thing that I like about this movie is the fact that it promotes the idea that whatever your goals are, it very much matters what you do in order to achieve them.
The music is great, and the effects also, but I think that you already know that.
Now Jennifer Connelly is on my wallpaper (so beautiful at 37! wonder...)I'm a little tired now. There are some other movies that I'd like to talk about now, but I'll live them for the next times... there is one that I will strongly recommend you to watch if you didn't. You'll see!

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