Friday, January 25, 2008

Jauary 25

short day.
As I was waiting for the 835 bus I decided to call Alex to say happy birthday to him. So I did, but while I was talking to him I saw a guy walking around dressed up like a real rocker: black leather coat, black leather boots, black T-Shirt and most important, a pink backpack on his back. I told this to Alex among other many stupid things that I enjoy talking about (he suggested that I should give him a cow as gift for his birthday, I agreed with him but then he didn't want it anymore so I told him that I would look for a nail or a leg from a cow or something like that)... and just as if this wasn't enough, after I got out of the bus in Tommerup two guys were riding a scooter. Both were having beers in their left hands, but the one in the back had in his right hand a plastic bottle with a liquid inside (maybe gasoline) connected, through a pipe, to the scooter.

and a memory:

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