Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Virtual Speech

We are operating on the IT market, working on projects that among other things consist of communication between different devices and computers. Competition in this domain is high and so are the requirements in order to get on top and stay there as an important and reliable IT service providing company. In the future we are planning to expand our activities into the Web Development field taking into consideration the following facts:

-the image of almost every company in this world relies pretty much on websites;

-most of the shopping and bank transactions are done over the Internet;

- in every TV commercial there’s a website address providing the possible costumer with detailed information on certain products or services and on the company;

It has been concluded that the Web Development is still a huge industry to exploit and we are expecting it to remain this way for a very long time, offering unlimited space for creativity, interactivity and communication. More to this: companies that run their activities in many different places of the world and not just in a single building rely on Intranet networks. The possibilities are unlimited and the required resources are a few computers run by skilled and creative programmers.

It’s a virtual world connecting every inhabited civilised place of this world into a huge web. This world has a continuous demand for services as it can’t anymore stay isolated. The demand flows continuously as times are changing and people have different needs, companies rise and fall, technology develops, new products with better features take the place of the old ones, news go around the world, but the Internet is still there as a means of information transportation for the entire modern civilisation . The demand for web services may not be constant in its volume over time but it definitely won’t stop as long as there are people on Earth and as long as there’s electricity. So, being bothered by the competition is just another challenge to improve our skills and be forever learners.

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