Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the mood for saying something

I've been feeling a little bit sad in the last few evenings. Of course, listening to Antimatter very much, Royksopp, Lene Marlin and... so on. I won't tell you where the sadness came from, but I'm going to talk about some things that I found. I very much like listening to music in which the acoustic guitar or/and piano are the main instruments. A few minutes ago I was writing to someone (buna Ana! :p) an e-mail about the new Antimatter album "Leaving Eden" and I checked out their page for a few seconds. I know that I haven't seen any of their albums in any store so I looked for the record lable. Found it: Prophecy Records. I went to their web page and... surprise! prophecyproductions.de
The page looks fine, but that wasn't the surprise. As you might have red already, this is what they say about themselves:
"It is Prophecy's basic imperative to release high-quality "eerie-emotional music" in an aesthetically satisfying manner. We are aiming to enchant our customers with beautiful products selected in accordance with good taste.
From the onset, it was Prophecy's philosophy to not limit ourselves to any one genre. Rather, you will find a varied spectrum on our label roster, ranging from dark metal and intense acoustic music to progressive and indie rock. We have never refrained from unconventional music of any stripe as long as it is touching and rousing."

Cool, isn't it? Now that was enough for me to start checking out the music from every band I find there. I didn't finish, but, for now here are the first two bands which impressed me: Klimt 1918 with their album "Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again" and Todesbonden. I didn't go on myspace to check the last name, but I looked for them on youtube. While listening to Todesbonden I scrolled down the videos on the right side of the page aaand this is the surprise that I was writing about earlier: Tarja Turuner! I found some songs sang by her... on a solo album! I just remember now the atmosphere from Rock am Ring this year and I can say that those guys from Nightwish didn't know what treasure they threw away! The song from the link that I gave you here is in Finnish, but even if I don't understand a thing of what she is singing, it makes me feel ... good... and I don't have words for that kind of good.

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